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The Game Awards 2021: Genshin Impact wins Best Mobile Game award, unveils new trailer

The Game Awards 2021: Genshin Impact wins Best Mobile Game award, unveils new trailer

Although it is on multiple gaming platforms like PC, PS4, and PS5, Genshin Impact is well known for its mobile platform, where players can battle enemies and upgrade their characters on the go. This year, Genshin Impact was nominated for two awards, “Best Mobile Game” and “Best Current Game”, where he was able to secure the “Best Mobile Game” award with the help of his fans. The game faced other popular mobile game competitors, such as Fantastic, League of Legends: Savage Rift, Marvel Future Revolution, and Pokémon United.

In honor of winning the “Best Mobile Game” award, miHoYo said on Genshin ImpactOfficial Twitter that they would give a total of 1,600 Primogems, the in-game currency, as a reward to its players. Players can use these free Primogems to purchase Wishes to use on character and weapon banners, purchase Battle Pass levels, or restore the original resin for use in various areas. It was also stated on Twitter that players will be able to receive the free Primogems in their in-game mail as long as they log into the game each day from December 11 to 14, where 400 Primogems will be distributed per day until the end date.

During the Game Awards, miHoYo also released a new trailer that showed familiar faces, as well as new and upcoming characters. The trailer featured previous five-star characters Yoimiya and Sangonomiya Kokomi fighting a new boss together. The trailer also showed the highly anticipated five-star character Arataki Itto and the four-star character Gorou, both of which will appear on the upcoming character banner for the game’s update 2.4. The trailer also surprised many viewers. towards the end, where she went black screen before teasing a new character named Yun Jin, a pole weapon user and famous opera singer from Liyue. His concept art was originally revealed on the official website Genshin Impact Twitter account in November, but its release date is still being speculated.

Overall today was a good day for Genshin Impact Fans.