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Halo: Isn’t The Endless just a synonym for Halo Infinite?

Have a good Halo week everyone! Halo Infinite has been released and its campaign and multiplayer can be enjoyed by anyone (who doesn’t care about online progression). While the launch was a success and 343 Industries got a hiatus, Microsoft is not done with Halo. They just registered a trademark for Halo: The Endless.

Its endless and infinite interchangeable, which can be exactly the point. While we have no idea what Halo: The Endless could be, the trademark filing indicates that it is “video game software”, especially for personal computers and consoles.

These clues may suggest that Halo: Endless could either be an upcoming DLC ​​or a new game mode. Halo is no stranger to introducing new game modes, like Halo 5 with Warzone or Halo 4 with Spartan. Ops.

What Halo hasn’t done yet is add the Campaign DLC. Each game is fairly standalone with clear endings, so the story’s DLC was never really plausible. However, the open world aspect of Halo Infinite changes things a bit. If you’ve played the campaign, you’ll know that the playable map is only part of the Zeta Halo area, so visiting other areas might be in the maps.

Of course, this is all speculation. The only facts are that Microsoft registered a trademark for Halo: The Endless earlier this month and that it is gaming software. Halo Infinite is brand new in its release cycle, so anything is possible. . Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S and on Game Pass. Don’t forget to also check our review.

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