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The Medium: Upcoming Horror Adaptation Video Game Becomes TV Series

The medium is an adaptation of video games like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Bloober Team adds to television.

The horror game The Medium will also be released in a television series. The Bloober team announced today on the website.

To do this, the developers have entered into an agreement with the Polish animation studio Platige Image. The animator, Tomasz Baginski, who was already responsible for the series The Witcher, will take the direction. In production, he will work in close collaboration with Piotr Babieno, founder of Bloober Teams.

When the book was announced, the Babieno said that the film industry and the video game industry are dear to me and I am very happy that there is finally the possibility of combining them. It’s just my joy, because two Polish companies unite the production and a new collection based on our piece will see the light of day.

Something unusual and special.

According to the CEO, Baginski’s involvement in this project shows them that they want to create something truly amazing. Everyone on the team thought they wanted something special. In conclusion, this enthusiasm should reflect its quality.

With recent video game adaptations Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane having been well received, he spoke of the perfect time for such productions.

The medium revolves around Marianne, who works with the physical body to establish a spiritual connection. This offers unique gameplay that takes place simultaneously in two different worlds. The series will learn exactly how to implement this approach and in the end we will continue to learn.

After the horror game was made available on Xbox and PC, the game is now expected to be played in September 2021.

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