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The official kickstarter for the ‘Turbo Kid’ video game is now live

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A Kickstarter for the video game sequel to the 2015 cult movie Turbo Kid is now live. A “bloody homage to classic Metroidvanias”, the game will continue The Kid’s story and follow his adventures through the Wasteland. It will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Synopsis: Our story begins immediately after the events of the film. As a Kid you have to cross the Wasteland. On your way, you will meet an array of colorful characters, friends, enemies and intermediaries, which will offer tips, quests, fights and jokes (lots of jokes).

Yes, you have lost a loved one in a tragic incident, but you must persevere! If you want to honor the memory of your friend, you will have to become a hero, although sometimes you feel like you bite more than you can chew. It means relying on the lessons of the past, your valiant heart, your machete, and your Turbo Blaster to face your fears.

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There are amazing benefits for backers and multiple tiers to choose from, from $ 25 (or $ 10 with no benefits) all the way up to $ 2,500. Some of the perks are limited, so fans will want to check out the campaign as soon as possible. The packages include different combinations of: physical copies of the game, early access to the demo, a poster, a pin, the name of the contributor in the credits, the soundtrack on audio cassette, a digital wallpaper, a t-shirt , access to a private Discord server with game developers, a physical copy of a brand new Jeik Dion comic, and more.

The Outerminds development team is working hard to adapt the modern retro feel of the post-apocalyptic film, saying, “When designing a Turbo Kid video game, we wanted to honor the essence of the film, mainly, to make a game that includes everything we love from the 80s and 90s with a modern twist. Being a pixel-art powerhouse, we wholeheartedly embraced the retro look and feel of our favorite run-and-gun and Metroidvanias platforms; As Mega man x, Super Metroid, and Out of this world. Basically, we’re making a whole new game that will make you feel like a kid… The kid!

Get more details and see all the packages on the Kickstarter page.

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