Puzzle game

The relaxing puzzle game called Arcticoptera is now available on Steam PC

Game publisher Gravity Game Arise recently announced the launch of its new puzzle game called Arctictopia, which is now available on Steam PC. The game aims to explore and expand the treasures of indie gaming around the world to audiences around the world.

In case you don’t know yet, Arctictopia is a puzzle game in which a player must help a polar bear to reach its cub. The ice is slowly melting with every move, so the player has to be strategic about it. The player’s job is to find a path for the parent bear to navigate the cold, icy streams to help its cubs.

Each time the player moves the parent polar bear, the snow and ice below will slowly melt. This is why it is crucial to jump to the next piece of ice and reach its young before it completely melts. The game currently has 150 stages and there is no limit. It only means that players have to explore the route thoroughly and move along the ice.

The whole game is a fascinating and unique world created with cute and lovely illustrations like a hand-drawn picture book. It’s not just families of bears, but there are also seabirds, seals, and other animals that will make an appearance in the game.

Some of the game features include:

  • Adorable seal, cub and puffin.
  • Relax and take time to solve puzzles. It’s simple to retrace the steps or try a single level. Relax and enjoy all the challenge.
  • Plan each step carefully: with each movement made by the player, the ice under the player’s legs melts a little.
  • Dive into a hand-drawn, picture-book style North Pole as the player crosses the Arctic Ocean.
  • Ten unique mechanics woven into 150 exciting and fun levels.

Gravity Game Arise Co. is a professional online game service group founded in July 2019. It is also a global strategic company of Gravity (NASDAQ GM).

The launch of Arctictopia has been delayed recently, as well as Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess, to make further quality improvements. The company has deeply apologized to everyone, especially the fans who are looking for it. Finally, the long wait is over as the game is now available on Steam PC.

Gravity Game Arise has designed and deployed a wide range of mobile games for users. For example, there is Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess, which is a combination of bullet-hell and tactical RPG. The launch date for this game was revealed on June 8, during the Black Voices In Gaming event. The game combines exhilarating and tactically rich real-time grid combat, a rich story that morphs with your choices, and a unique catalog of heroines that enhance the game with both their distinct combat abilities and backgrounds. intriguing.

There is also Grid Force, a grid-based RPG shooter created by British game developer Dreamnauts, where players can choose their favorite characters, build their team and win the grid-based battle that takes place in time. real.

According to a Gravity Game Arise spokesperson, “We are thrilled to finally launch Arctictopia. Some games seem to be designed with relaxation in mind. While many game developers create games to excite players, we strive to break the mold and eliminate all crazy action in favor of fun mechanics that are both relaxing and fun.

“It’s a narrow line to walk because it’s easy for a game to get boring with a lot of action. However, when the stars align perfectly, a game can be a lot of fun with gameplay that relaxes instead to excite. That’s what Arctictopia wants to achieve.