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The top-rated puzzle game joins PC Game Pass as a surprise addition

Surprise! Puzzle game Opus Magnum from developer Zachtronics has joined PC Game Pass unannounced and is now available to play with the PC subscription service.

It looks like developer Zachtronics is slowly adding most of its games to Game Pass. Opus Magnum is the developer’s fourth game to join PC Game Pass in recent months, following Exapunks, Last Call BBS and Shenzhen I/O.

Opus Magnum joins PC Game Pass

Opus Magnum is the latest open-ended puzzle game from Zachtronics, makers of SpaceChem, Infinifactory, and Shenzhen I/O. Design and build machines that assemble potions, poisons and more using the Alchemy Engineer’s most advanced tool: the Transmutation Engine!

Opus Magnum is an open-ended puzzle game where you are tasked with designing, building, and optimizing machines that perform alchemical processes using a number of different components. It first launched on Steam in 2017 and received great reviews from critics and gamers. On Metacritic, Opus Magnum has a Metascore score of 90 (albeit from just four reviews) and sits with an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam out of nearly 4,000 reviews.

At the moment we do not have the achievements of the Opus Magnum, but we expect them to be available soon.

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