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The Waylanders are now available on PC

Venture into this role-playing game filled with Celtic myths and historical legends.

Gato Salvaje Studio, an independent Spanish studio, has announced that its latest RPG, The Waylandersis available now on Steam and GOG. The Waylanders is a paused real-time role-playing game inspired by Celtic mythology. Explore two time periods while experiencing interesting adventures with mortal partners and immortal allies.

Celtic mythology and gods

The Waylanders takes you on a journey through two eras: Celtic mythology and gods, and humanity’s mastery of magic in medieval times. This is a story with many colorful characters that you will travel, fight and fall in love with over two lifetimes.

The Waylanders is a project we’ve been working on for five years and I’m extremely proud of what the team has created. It is a story born from our Galician roots and many stories of our heritage have inspired elements throughout,” said Gato Salvaje co-founder Fernando Prieto.

“With The Waylanders now launched, we are working on the first game update and as we add new content and improvements, we will work with the community to ensure their feedback is heard,” he added. .

New mechanics in the genre

The Waylanders introduces new training abilities to the genre that offer particular advantages depending on party composition, modeled on traditional real-time fantasy role-playing games. Many other magical transformations can be unlocked, including the devastating combinations Earth Elemental and Spirit Tower.

The Waylanders

Spear Formations do extra damage and can be used to control narrow paths, Shield Wall is effective against ranged enemies, and many other magical transformations can be unlocked, including the devastating Earth Elemental and Spirit Tower combinations.

The Waylanders is now available on Steam and GOG for PC.

Watch the game’s launch trailer below!

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