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This new video game on Steam can teach you Kung Fu

We can think of almost no better way to kick off 2022 than by learning Chinese kung fu, and it seems we are not alone. Video game distributor Steam to release new PC game called Chinese martial arts (kung fu) The 64 hands of Bagua Zhang (hereafter called The 64 hands of Bagua Zhang) for those looking to immerse themselves in the traditional martial art.

Interestingly, the game’s release date is given as January 1, 2022, the the Steam website, although it is not yet available to play for unknown reasons. That said, the game’s promotional material has already thrilled us.

The 64 hands of Bagua Zhang was developed by a Beijing-based gaming company and allows players to learn the 64 hands of bagua palm.

The 64 hands of Bagua Zhang presents actions performed by contemporary martial artist Gao Jiwu

The Bagua palm is one of the most renowned styles of Chinese kung fu and is often grouped together with tai chi and xing yi quan when considering the three main internal practices (neijia quan ).

In the hope of “inheriting, disseminating and learning the essence of traditional Chinese Wushu,” the video game developers used captured actions performed by a famous contemporary martial artist, Gao Jiwu, and turned them into animated renderings.

Gao is a fifth generation bagua master and vice president of the Chinese Folk Martial Arts Federation. His apprentice, Fan Weipeng, helped collect and organize the footage for the game’s development.

Watch Gao play the bagua palm below:

The game’s page on Steam claims that users can pause the demo at any time and rotate it 360 degrees to see the actions in more detail.

chinese bagua steam martial arts

Players can pause and click on the light blue circles to see gestures up close

Chinese games publication Sina Games announcement the release of the new title on its official Weibo account on January 4.

Many netizens jokingly commented under the post, with some comparing Gao’s in-game appearance with legendary tai chi master Ma Baoguo, who martial arts retiree after having been stunned through sanda fighter Wang Qingming in 2020.

Although the soundtrack is entirely in Chinese, the good thing is that you can switch the game’s interface and subtitles to English. Now, English-speaking players no longer have an excuse not to learn this traditional Chinese sport, that is to say once the game is available on Steam.

All photos via Weibo