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TikTok’s PC game streaming app TikTok Live Studio is now in testing

TikTok may soon allow you to stream games live from your PC, console, or mobile devices. The ultra-popular video-focused social networking service is testing a new desktop program called TikTok Live Studio. It allows you to stream live footage from your PC or mobile screen directly to TikTok Live.

TikTok Live Studio offers a chat interface that allows streamers to communicate with their viewers. It also includes camera support, allowing creators to stream footage of themselves with their screens. Well, those are basic features for any live streaming service. But you can expect the company to add more features down the line.

TikTok Live Studio is in the first phase of testing

The new TikTok service is currently in the pre-testing phase. It is available to “a few thousand users” in a handful of Western countries, the company confirmed to TechCrunch.

Screenshots of TikTok Live Studio, shared by Zach bussey on Twitter, reveal that the platform supports streaming in portrait and landscape orientation. In its current state, the program allows you to stream games or other applications from PC, mobile devices and cameras. However, you cannot use the browser window as a source, which you can find on most established streaming platforms. Bussey also points out that TikTok Live Studio only has emojis in stock and lacks in-stream alerts.

It’s unclear when the company plans to launch TikTok Live Studio globally. Maybe as a result of these first tests and some platform improvements. We will keep you posted as we have more information.

TikTok takes on big names here

TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years has not only spawned dozens of clones, but has also prompted several established companies to launch identical services. YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and Twitter’s new Explore tab are just a few. The likes of Spotify, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more have also launched some TikTok inspired services or features in recent times.

Now, it’s time for things to work the other way around. With everyone copying TikTok, it was inevitable that the company would expand its services. After all, he would like to keep creators on his platforms as much as possible. And the first major expansion is to the live game streaming space, it seems.

With TikTok Live Studio, TikTok is tackling Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming in this booming industry. The brand has a large following around the world, which could give it a boost from the start. It remains to be seen how things unfold for the Chinese firm. Stay tuned.