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Time-manipulation-themed story-based puzzle game Eternal Threads for PS4, Xbox One and PC to launch in Q3 2021

Cosmonaut Studios will be released Eternal sons-a story-driven first-person puzzle game themed around manipulation, choice and the consequences of time – for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via To smoke in the third quarter of 2021, the developer announced.

Based in Liverpool, England, Cosmonaut Studios is made up of former employees of Magenta Software, who developed the Buzz! Junior series and InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom for Sony Interactive Entertainment, as well as a number of cinema related games such as Disney’s treasure planet for PlayStation and Stuart Little 3: Great Photo Adventure for PlayStation 2.

Here is an overview of Eternal sons, via his Steam page:


Eternal sons is a single player puzzle game based on a first person story about time manipulation, choices and consequences.

As an agent tasked with fixing corruption in the temporal flow, you were sent to the north of England in May 2015, where six people died in a house fire. Forbidden to simply stop the fire, you must instead manipulate the choices made by the roommates in the week leading up to it so that they all survive the event.

Right from the start, you have a free and complete reign to explore the seven-day timeline before the fire. You can watch and edit important events for the whole week as many times as you want and in any order you want. Some decisions will only have minor effects on the timeline, moving items around the house or revealing deeper stories and secrets. However, Major Changes rewrite the timeline by modifying existing events, adding new events, and even replacing other events entirely.

You have to go through this timeline from top to bottom, changing decisions at different times of the week so that their effects interact and combine to save all six roommates.

However, it’s not just roommates who have a choice. Each of them can be saved from the fire in several ways, each outcome having a profound effect on their lives in the future. Will you just be looking for the fastest and easiest solution, or can you find the best possible result for everyone?

At the end of the day, it’s all about choices and consequences.

Main characteristics

  • Choose how you want to follow the story of the game – Want to follow each of the stories of the six characters pulp Fiction style? It is very good. I wanna watch it all like Memento, with the final event first, then going back in time to see what caused it next? I am fine too. Or maybe you’re old school and just want to look at things in the good ol ‘chronological order? You can do it too.
  • Watch and change things as many times as you want – You don’t remember exactly what happened during an event? Changed a decision and you’re not sure you like the consequences? It is very good. Just go back along the timeline and watch and edit what you want, when you want, as many times as you want.
  • Changing the past to influence the future – The installation of a temporary base in the house just a few hours after the fire, offers a unique perspective on the events. As you look back through the timeline, past events unfold before you in ghostly form, with the smoke and fire damaged house a constant reminder of what’s to come. Additionally, as you manipulate the past, the environment can be reset around you to match the changes taking place. Some new items will appear, others will move around the house, and room contents can change dramatically as you change the past.

Watch a trailer and a pair of gameplay videos below. See a set of screenshots in the gallery.



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