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Have you ever played a puzzle game where your cursor seems to be missing, or a maze where the walls don’t seem to behave the way they should? If you’re looking for something to break up the monotony of the sea of ​​jigsaw puzzles on mobile today, Hint: It’s A Puzzle Game from HexaNeph Games just might be the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for. Why should you dive into this innovative approach to subvert the puzzle genre?

Things are not always what they seem

Hint: It’s A Puzzle Game isn’t just another puzzle – there’s definitely no room for compliance here. The game features 27 levels of pure creativity, with out-of-the-box puzzles that will let you deal with disappearing items and toggle menu settings just to get to the bottom of it. No two levels are the same, so putting your thinking skills on is not just a matter of trial and error. You also won’t need an internet connection here, so you are free to rack your brains for the right solution anytime, anywhere.


Clues aren’t simple, thanks to Hex and Neph

The difficulty levels are suitable for beginners, but if you find yourself stuck and in dire need of a helping hand, Hint: It’s A Puzzle Game offers two fully voiced guides in the form of Hex and Neph. These two charming disembodied voices can be your awareness throughout the fun and quirky ride, providing you with two very distinct experiences on each level. Getting to know the personalities of Hex and Neph goes hand in hand with solving the puzzles, as they add flavor to the game and improve its replayability.

No annoying and intrusive ads to ruin your focus

Hint: It’s A Puzzle Game is a truly free game with no intrusive ads or prompts that require you to watch clips to continue or to move from one level to the next. In the absence of microtransactions, you can focus on the problem at hand with laser-like focus. Levels can be skipped with a feature to review your stats after completing all stages, encouraging you to try again and beat your previous time (and maybe a different voice is leading you this time around).

Easter eggs galore

Handcrafted levels mean each stage is painstakingly crafted with creativity in mind, and there are tons of fun Easter eggs and humorous cultural references tucked away here and there for eagle-eyed players. to discover. If you’re a bit of an explorer with a keen eye for what isn’t immediately obvious, you’re bound to find some extremely satisfying discoveries that will appeal to even the smartest of puzzle-solvers. For example, can you try to find the hidden end and take the opportunity to create your own bespoke level?

Tip: It’s A Puzzle Game is available for download at google play absolutely free. Filled with non-traditional solutions to problems you might not think of at first glance, this bold new title challenges the norms of what makes a jigsaw puzzle, with puzzles that keep you going. will spin the gears with two equally unconventional guides that speak you through the whole thing.