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Today’s NetEase Connects 2022 webcast featured Naraka’s mobile game: Bladepoint

At NetEase Connect 2022, developer 24 Entertainment and publisher NetEase Games showed off the first gameplay footage of Naraka: The Mobile Version of Bladepoint. Although the conversion was announced last year, this is the first time we’ve seen the game in action on mobile. The mobile adaptation promises to deliver the same level of graphical fidelity and gameplay as the PC version, which is a bold boast. Regardless of how it looks or plays, the creators have put a lot of effort into recreating the battle royale from the bottom up to make it mobile friendly. This involves tweaking the controls, user interface, and camera to make it feel right at home on a smartphone.

Naraka: Bladepoint will be heading to iOS and Android at some point in the future, although there is no set release date at this time. In the meantime, you can check the game’s official website to register your interest. Looking for more Battle Royales to enjoy while you wait? Check out some of our favorites available for Android

Mobile gameplay details weren’t the only Naraka: Bladepoint news today, however. It was also revealed that the new character, Takeda Nobutada, The Demon Vessel, will be available starting tomorrow, May 21. He is Kurumi’s mentor and serves as a home to the demon Furen, a creature capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Naraka: Bladepoint Interview: Ray Kwan discusses the possibility of bringing battle royale to mobile. Using the Demonic Aid skill, you can unleash Furen on your enemies where the demon will knock them back, punch them, or teleport Takeda closer to them so he can land a mighty blow. Meanwhile, with the Mythic Grab ability, Takeda will enter a heightened state of alertness, allowing him to counterattack any enemy who foolishly attempts to attack him.

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  • Today’s NetEase Connects 2022 webcast featured Naraka’s mobile game: Bladepoint
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