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Supercell, King, Zynga and Netmarble

A job search can be a long and arduous process, venturing from job site to job site, sometimes even without knowing what positions are available.

Coupled with the difficulties encountered in the labor markets over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are struggling to know where to start.

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Every Friday on, we’ll spotlight the diverse pool of positions available within the games industry, from industry-leading game developers to independent studios looking for the next Shining Star to add to their team. team.

This week, we’ve rounded up 10 exciting positions currently available from leading mobile game developers across the globe, including the likes of

  • Supercell
  • King
  • Zynga and
  • Net marble

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  • King

    King logo

    Profession: Partner manager

    Site: London, United Kingdom

    Job description: We are looking for a knowledgeable Partner Manager with a passion for digital advertising, data-driven platforms and the gaming industry to help us develop a player-focused advertising business.

    You will work collaboratively with a range of leading developers and support services to create exceptional advertising experiences that make a meaningful contribution to our games. You will play a central role in defining what we build and why we build it.

    Apply for this role if you are a hungry and talented product manager or partner who has insight into the key factors that make a successful mobile game and has a deep understanding of mobile ad monetization.

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  • Supercell

    Supercell logo

    Profession: Gameplay Programmer – New Game Team

    Site: Helsinki, Finland

    Job description: We are looking for a Gameplay Programmer to join us. At Supercell, game programmers are at the center of our teams, working with all other disciplines and making our games great.

    We’re looking for someone who can help us create the next generation of games at Supercell, to work on ambitious prototypes and big ideas that have the potential to redefine the look and play of future free mobile games. It’s an opportunity to join a bold new gaming team at Supercell that builds both games and technology that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming.

    Work with a small team, where you can have real ownership and a big impact. We are looking for someone who wants to think big and who can help us build it.

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  • Net marble

    Net marble logo

    Profession: Production director

    Site: California, United States

    Job description: We are currently looking to fill the role of Production Manager for our Editing Line, kicking off exciting new growth within our own organization stationed with a talented power player like you.

    Located in downtown Los Angeles, we offer an incredible opportunity for a results driven individual looking to drive growth on a global platform. Apply now to see if you have a place in our superstar organization and join us in our success in the mobile gaming industry.

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  • Zynga

    Zynga logo

    Profession: Senior Data Scientist

    Site: New York, United States

    Job description: This role will work closely with Zynga’s core product team to identify and exploit opportunities to increase engagement, retention, revenue, optimization and improve the player experience for our customers.

    Additionally, the role involves close coordination with the wider Zynga analytics team to provide new opportunities based on shared insights as well as an introduction to new analytics methods. This role reports to Zynga’s Head of Global Analytics, a function that focuses on facilitating analytics efforts across the Zynga portfolio.

    This is a great opportunity for an analytics expert looking to build end-to-end data solutions to generate impactful insights and work on exciting projects at scale. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to tackle a variety of projects ranging from building intuitive dashboards, owning advanced data science solutions, to becoming a thought leader in data science. analysis to facilitate the coordination of global initiatives.

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  • Industrial toys

    Industrial toys logo

    Profession: Chief Gameplay Software Engineer – Battlefield Mobile

    Site: California, Texas, Washington, United States

    Job description: We are looking for someone with experience to lead a gameplay team. You will report to a Technical Director and are comfortable managing certain engineers, guiding technical decisions and reviewing technical designs of other engineers. You like to dive into code and you will be asked to help you solve the most difficult problems.

    You will manage a team of engineers, work with designers, server engineers and production teams, maintain the performance and stability of core gaming systems and lead the development of new features as part of a live service .

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  • Jam city

    Jam city logo

    Profession: UI Game Artist

    Site: Berlin, germany

    Job description: As a leading mobile game developer, Jam City seeks to “elevate the level” of our talent. We are looking for innovators who see themselves as dynamic, collaborative and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

    JamCity is looking for a talented UI Artist who will contribute to the success of our Live Games! You need to be able to adapt your style to each game – create features for our existing games or design new ones! The ideal candidate will have the desire to create a highly functional, easy-to-use, and pleasing to the eye user interface for multi-million dollar entertainment IPs!

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  • Tilt point

    Tilt point logo

    Profession: Senior back-end engineer

    Site: Kiev, Ukraine

    Job description: Tilting Point is looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join our data team in Kiev. This is the opportunity to create a complex data warehouse and ETL platform using a new stack of modern technologies.

    As a member of the team, you will work to create and operate secure, reliable and maintainable services in an event architecture. You will collaborate with various internal teams and data engineers to create products that power Tilting Point’s live operations and data platform serving billions of requests per day.

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  • Rovio

    Rovio logo

    Profession: VFX Artist (Senior)

    Site: Stockholm, Sweden

    Job description: We are looking for a talented VFX Artist to join our multinational art team to work on several projects, one of which is the highly successful Angry Birds 2.

    We would like our team members to bring their own creative vision to everything they do. If that describes you, it’s a great opportunity to work in a fun and creative environment with skilled colleagues, help captivate new products, and expose your work to a global audience.

    As a VFX artist, you will be part of the spearhead of technical solutions and optimizations to find the balance between quality and efficiency. You will be in charge of developing a modular pipeline and workflow that we can use across all of our upcoming and existing games, working closely with the project art leads and the art director.

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  • Hutch

    Logo hutch

    Profession: Artistic director

    Site: London, United Kingdom

    Job description: Hutch is looking for an Artistic Director to join the team in London and deliver visually impressive free gaming experiences. You will be working on one of our existing titles and in the future will help with one or more new games.

    As artistic director, you will act as the bearer of the vision of a game, guaranteeing style and quality. For new games, your role would be to help define the art style and build the visual identity, including creating visual targets, style guides and documentation.

    As Artistic Director, you will be responsible for managing and mentoring the artists on the team, providing feedback and developing their careers. You will also develop production pipelines to allow us to build assets quickly, working with outsourcing teams and artists to set benchmarks, create briefs, and provide feedback.

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  • NetEase

    NetEase Logo

    Profession: Senior project manager

    Site: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Job description: NetEase is looking for a Senior Project Manager to help manage the development of some of the most popular games from our partner studios.

    As a Senior Project Manager, you will work with different NetEase teams to promote collaboration, communication and lead the game to achieve its strategic goals.

    You will be responsible for building strong relationships with different teams and stakeholders to help achieve a common strategic vision. You will be working with key disciplines such as art, design, quality assurance, and business to ensure that the game is performed on time and of quality.

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