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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator mobile game is announced by XD Inc.

Totally Accurate Combat Simulator (TABS), a popular Landfall game, will soon be available on mobile devices. Global publisher and game developer, XD inc.., unveiled this mobile ad and a new trailer during the second annual TapTap Presents digital expo. With the wackiest physics ever invented, users of iOS and Android devices will be able to pit armies of ragdoll warriors against each other.

Landfall Games is a game studio focused on gameplay and community interaction above all else. With both small development cycles and team size, they focus all of their efforts on making games that are both fun to play and fun to develop.

Players will get over 100 unique wobbler classes as well as a custom unit builder when the game releases

Originally created for PC and Xbox, TABS envisions a simulation in which the player controls the bespectacle-eyed leader of the wobblers from historic locations, strange locations, and fantasy realms. A custom unit maker lets players craft their own wonky creations, and there are over 100 different classes of wobblers at their disposal.

Image via XD Inc.

Players can also engage in multiplayer mode, where they can engage in online battles with friends and strangers. Over 4.5 million players have already joined the fight by throwing wobblers into absurd wars on TABS since its un-ironically released on April 1, 2021. The highest-rated game on Steam that year was TABS.

True to the original Landfall game, TABS mobile developed by XD will allow players to hatch and capture warm moments of wonky mayhem with the same silliness and sense of humor at their fingertips.

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