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Tower of Fantasy Launches Strong – #11 Highest-Grossing Mobile Game in the US (Aug 11-Aug 13)

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The animated cross-platform mobile and PC action MMO Tower of Fantasy launched worldwide on August 10 in English and has had an incredibly strong launch so far. The game’s servers are crowded and the game is the 11th highest grossing mobile game on iOS according to (between August 11-13). When it comes to downloads, Tower of Fantasy has hovered between first and third place as the most downloaded mobile game since launch. Much of this early popularity, however, can be attributed to heavy marketing spending. Ads for the game are stuck everywhere and they have paid lots of streamers to check out the game.

I’ve been lucky enough to play Tower of Fantasy for a while (only at level 25 at the moment) and although it’s very similar to Genshin Impact (which is definitely a good thing), the game differs in placing much more emphasis on multiplayer content. It’s much more of an MMO than Genshin. The combat is also fast and fun. However, it is far from perfect. It’s not as polished as Genshin Impact and has terrible voice acting, but those alone aren’t deal-breakers.

This next generation mobile MMO from Asia is a massive upgrade from autoplay nonsense like Lineage 2: Revolution. These self-playing mobile MMOs just didn’t click for me and while I still can’t see myself playing a game like hardcore Tower of Fantasy, I had a blast with them. So much so that I log on regularly to do my dailies. If the future of mobile MMOs is starting to look more like Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, mobile MMOs have a bright future ahead of them.