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Twin Mirror has a promotional browser-based puzzle game, and you could win a gaming PC by playing it – Destructoid

Lost on arrival

Things are about to become weird. Dontnod’s Twin mirror launches in two weeks (it’s almost December already), and that means there’s a murder mystery to be solved. First of all, we will have to figure out how to unlock this cell phone. No baby.

Dontnod runs an ARG type thing to promote Twin mirror. Called “Lost on arrivalIs a browser-based puzzle game in which you have to return a phone to its rightful owner. Sifting through all the apps should give you a decent information base on Twin mirrorof the world. Sifting through my preview will, too.

It’s an interesting little thing, an experiment that took me about five minutes to figure out. There is an incentive to play beyond just the substantive details. Everyone who completes Lost on Arrival will be entered into a raffle to win a Twin mirror PC manufactured by Gigabyte. There are also 20 copies of the game offered in second place. There weren’t any photos or specs of this custom PC, but I’m guessing that’s kind of what it looks like:

In the worst case, you prepare yourself a little more for Twin mirror. Ideally, you walk away with an ostentatious, themed gaming PC. Either way, unlocking this phone will serve as a mental warm-up for all the upheavals that are going to happen on December 1st.

Lost on arrival [Twin Mirror]

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