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Ubisoft unveils Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, an F2P mobile game

The next game in Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division series is coming to mobile devices. The resurgence of Tom Clancy’s The Division, announced on Wednesday, is a “canon opus,” the publisher said in a statement. The free third person shooter will be released later for Android and iOS devices.

The resurgence of divisionThe announcement trailer states that the game will be “a AAA experience with a new storyline set in a massive urban open world.” The game’s story will place players in the role of “the legendary first wave of [Strategic Homeland Division] agents”, and will give them “a unique perspective on the events around The division 1 & 2.”

Ubisoft first mentioned The Division would be coming to mobile platforms in 2021 when it announced The heart of the division, a free game for consoles and PC. Heartland is still in development and has no launch date, although it is expected by the end of Ubisoft’s next fiscal year, March 2023.

The series, the newest in Ubisoft’s 20-year-old stable of Tom Clancy franchises, debuted in 2016 with The divisionin which a fictional Homeland Security agency fights to restore order to a New York City ravaged by a deadly and fast-spreading pandemic. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 moved the series to Washington, D.C. in the summer after the events of Game 1. A premium extension for The Division 2 brought players back to New York for a new series of story missions. All were developed by Massive Entertainment.

Massive is currently working on Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiersan adaptation of James Cameron’s 2009 science fiction film Avatar. The Sweden-based studio is also working on an untitled Star Wars game.

A ‘team manifesto’ released on Tuesday did not mention which studio was developing The resurgence of division. “Our goal in bringing the Division universe to mobile is to allow more people around the world to enjoy this open-world experience whenever and wherever they want,” the statement read. “We feel very fortunate that the mobile market has evolved to the point where we can develop such an ambitious game.”

The trailer says Recurrence will see the same gameplay staples that the first two console games were known for. “Collect and upgrade tons of gear and weapons,” he says, and players can choose a character specialization and change it throughout their campaign. The game will feature single-player and cooperative PvE play, both story-based missions and open-world encounters.

The resurgence of division is the third AAA shooter with a mobile version announced or launched in the past four months. Apex Legends Mobile launched in mid-May, and in March Activision revealed plans to bring Call of Duty war zone to mobile devices.

Ubisoft did not give a launch date or window for The resurgence of Tom Clancy’s The Division. It will host a closed alpha test soon and is accepting applications right now. Players must have an Android or iOS device, complete a short survey, and agree to a nondisclosure agreement. Ubisoft also didn’t specify when the closed alpha would take place.