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UNDECEMBER releases October 12 on Steam and Mobile

UNDECEMBER is a Slash Action RPG published by LINE Games Corporation & Needs Games Inc., making its international debut on October 12, 2022 on Mobile and Steam. I wrote about this game in 2021: I watched the presentation of 3 million pre-registrations in 2021, 10 months before the international release. UNDECEMBER opened in Japan on January 13, 2022, and international fans will also enjoy it.

The game uses heavily used equipment to customize the style of play. There is an array of obstacles such as raids, dungeons, campaigns and many more. The game can be played by itself as well as team members. There are also competitions such as PvP, guilds and much more. Prepare to fight large swarms of enemies and big bosses.

UNDECEMBER Key features included.

  • Country
  • character creator
  • Skill Runes and Ally Runes allow for virtually endless combinations.
  • In order to build character, zodiac stats andamp; Zodiac traits.
  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • Void RIfts (the challenge mode where you defend against waves of enemies in a shrinking circle).
  • Relic (an Avatar NPC who helps you in battle)
  • Pets can collect all of these items.
  • Guilds
  • Auction House to sell loot with other players, bought and sold at the auction house.
  • Costumes to stylize your character.

Where can I win the UNDECEMBER?

For the PC version, you can pre-order on Steam. This game is available on Apple’s iOS and Android app store.

The UNDECEMBER system requirements do not contain a set of measures.

Platform Minimum system requirements. Mobile AOS Galaxy S8 iOS iPhone 6S PC OS Windows 10 64 bit manual. Intel i5-9400 2.90 GHz processor: Intel i5-9400 2.90 GHz: 8 GB RAM memory. Storage Approximately 30 GB of space is available. GTX 1050 graphics