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Upcoming Warcraft mobile game could feature new characters

A recent job listing published by Blizzard suggests that upcoming Warcraft mobile titles may feature new characters.


Warcraft has grown and evolved in different ways since the franchise’s roots as a popular strategy game series in the 1990s. Warcraft has spawned countless video game titles, a long line-up of novels, and the most popular MMORPG ever created in World of warcraft. Earlier this year, Blizzard mentioned that the Warcraft the franchise would make new forays into the world of mobile gaming after the success of titles like Foyer.

Blizzard Warcraft the series started in 1994 with the initial release subtitled Orcs & Humans. The first title was immediately popular with fans and spawned several sequels, launching Blizzard at the forefront of the PC gaming market. Since its creation, Warcraft has become one of the most popular franchises in the PC market, spawning the mega-hit World of warcraft with tens of millions of players at its peak. Now the franchise is gearing up to make its second entry into the mobile market and a recent job listing gives some idea of ​​how a Warcraft mobile title can expand the universe.

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Blizzard recently posted a job posting on its job search website. Warcraft project. The job description mentions creating concept art for characters and creatures among several other aspects of the game, specifically referring to the ability to create new characters. New characters could join the rich roster of pre-existing characters Warcraft characters with several of the franchise’s most popular characters like Illidan Stormrage and Sylvanas Windrunner becoming household names in the gaming industry.


The Warcraft mobile titles are said to be the latest in a series of mobile titles of some of Blizzard’s most popular titles. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft as of 2014 has grown into one of the company’s most popular games and has helped create a legion of collectible card games online. Immortal Diablo was announced at Blizzcon 2018 and is currently slated for a 2021/22 release and Monitoring was rumored to come to mobile earlier this year.

WarcraftThe reach of has extended well outside of the video game industry due to the massive popularity of the franchise. Director Duncan Jones brought the popular fantasy franchise to the big screen with the 2016 film simply titled Warcraft and the franchise has received fictionalized expansions of the universe almost every year for the past two decades. Blizzard has constantly researched new platforms to push the franchise to new heights and the next title hopes to build on the success. Foyer seen in the mobile market.

Of them Warcraft mobile games are currently in development with no official release date.

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