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Valheim is coming to Xbox next year and PC Game Pass this fall

While there’s no trailer at the main Xbox and Bethesda showcase this weekend, eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted a popular survival title alongside Xbox releases. 2023 in an image near the end of the show. Today it was confirmed that the inclusion was very intentional, as Valheim will not only be coming to Game Pass on PC this fall, but will be coming to consoles and exclusive to Xbox when it launches in 2023.

The Nordic-themed co-op survival game released in early access on Steam in February last year when it quickly exploded in popularity, selling over 3 million copies in its first weeks on sale. . For people like me who have never jumped on Valheim, its addition to PC Game Pass in a few months is a welcome sight, as is its inclusion in the Microsoft Store on Windows.

The other big news for Valheim is threefold. First, the game is officially coming to consoles for the first time. There’s been talk of it possibly ever since controller support was added to the PC version earlier this year, but it’s nice to finally have confirmation. When this port lands on Xbox in the first half of 2023, full crossplay will be enabled for teaming up with any number of PC and console players. However, no other consoles will be involved since Microsoft has locked down console exclusivity for Valheim, so don’t expect to see the game appear on PlayStation or Switch anytime soon.

If you can’t wait for Valheim to join Game Pass on your Microsoft platform of choice, it’s available to buy now on Steam.