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Victoria 3 coming in October, without MS Store and PC Game Pass at launch

Victoria 3, the deep historical strategy title from the creators of Crusader Kings and “one of the most anticipated games in Paradox history”, now has an October 25 release date. [updated]

Update: Paradox contacted us to inform us that Victoria 3 will be not join PC Game Pass when it releases in October after all, or even come to the Microsoft Store at launch. Previous communication such as monthly update videos included the PC Game Pass logo at the end (and still do as of this update), although it is no longer present in the latest update video. According to an update on the Paradox forum“The game will be a Steam exclusive on release – after discussion with our partners, it has been decided that Victoria 3 will not be part of Game Pass or the Microsoft Store. Xbox fans of Paradox’s epic strategy titles can enjoy our games like Crusader Kings III, Stellaris, Shadowrun Trilogy, Hearts of Iron IV and more with Game Pass today and we look forward to sharing more details about our upcoming partnership with Xbox in the future.”

Updated story: Paradox Interactive gave us a game flow for its upcoming strategy game Victoria 3, also confirming its October release date.

Victoria 3 will bring historical strategy to PC in October

Paradox’s previous strategy installment Crusader Kings 3 did pretty well, originally enjoying a successful launch in PC Game Pass in 2020, before making a surprisingly deft transition to Xbox earlier this year. Victoria 3 steam page tells us a bit more about the team’s next game, saying it “invites you to build your ideal society in the thrilling and transformative turmoil of the 19th century. Balance the competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun. in Victoria 3.”

Can’t wait to put on your historical strategy hat and aim to become a global superpower when Victoria 3 hits PC on October 25? Let us know!