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Video game franchises that should have become iconic

Over the years, popular video game franchises have come and gone. Sometimes audiences are impressed by a new take on a genre that’s been around for a long time, like Splatoon Where Daganronpa. Other times, a new entry in a franchise may renew it for a new audience, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildor the 2013 reboot of grave robber.

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However, some franchises try and fail to maintain their place in mainstream video game history. While some entries on this list have had the misfortune of only having one game, others have had many installments over a period of years, but have failed to stay relevant in the gaming climate. modern. These eight video game franchises deserved better.


8 StarTropics

This title was released for the NES in North America in December 1990, following a teenage baseball player named Mike Jones who explores a mysterious tropical island in search of his lost grandfather. Graphically it looks like Nintendo titles like the original The Legend of Zeldawith a top-down view of the overworld traveled by Mike.

Upon entering a dungeon StarTropics, the gameplay shifts to a closer perspective. While critics at the time of its release praised its innovations on the Zelda series, it likely failed due to the later release of the SNES in 1991. However, the game has been included in Virtual Console releases since the Nintendo Wii in 2008.

seven rhythm heaven

For a certain time, rhythm heaven was Nintendo’s first rhythm game franchise. The franchise’s first international title was a best-seller in Japan, finding continued success with its next Wii title, Rhythm Heaven Fever. For a while, a rhythm heaven the fighter was even said to appear in Super Smash Bros. 4.

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Unfortunately, the franchise has been dormant since 2015 Rhythm Heaven Megamix. This title was hardly a new title, as it mostly featured throwback rhythm games from previous entries in the series. rhythm heaven certainly had the charm and the welcome to become one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, but sadly, there’s no future in sight.

6 custom bot

custom bot had a lot of potential among Nintendo’s smaller franchises. The series began in 1999 in a Japan-exclusive Nintendo 64 title, but fans around the world were likely introduced to it via the GameCube title of the same name. The series has the makings of an easy-to-love franchise, with players grappling with customizable robotic avatars.

Unfortunately, custom bot hasn’t received the kind of praise it gets in retrospect. The franchise’s most recent title was Custom Robo Arenawhich was released for the DS in 2006. Perhaps Nintendo found itself satisfied enough with RPG franchises like Pokemonand fire emblem enough not to go for a third success.

5 Darksiders

The first one Darksiders released in 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The hack-n-slash title combines gameplay from franchises like God of the war and the devil may cry, all against an apocalyptic backdrop. The game saw ports on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, and sequels as recently as 2019 with Darksiders Genesis.

However, Darksiders has yet to release a title that matches the success of developer THQ Nordic’s other franchises, such as Saint’s Row Where war hammer. Despite positive reviews for the franchise’s three main titles, sales fell short of expectations. Fortunately, each Darksiders The title is available on consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4.

4 Titanfall

It’s not as flashy as custom botbut Titanfall also had a lot of potential when it came to robot-centric games. The EA-published title was developed by the same team behind Call of Dutybecoming one of the most anticipated titles after its reveal at E3 2013. However, upon release, critics were disappointed with the robot-controlling shooter.

Titanfall managed to earn a sequel in Titanfall 2, released in 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Although the series was not a success, EA found success with the spin-off series set in the same universe, Apex Legends. This battle royale has become one of the most played video games of all time, certainly more successful than its parent series.

3 Time Separators

Many 90s kids remember golden eye as one of the greatest shooters ever created. It has remained relevant to this day, despite the continued efforts of its developers. One of these efforts is Time Separatorsa spiritual successor first released for the PlayStation 2 in 2000. The game was an attempt to evolve the FPS genre following the success of golden eye.

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The following, Time Separators 2, even received unanimous praise from publications like Game Informer and IGN. Perhaps due to his lack of online play even in 2002 he struggled to establish himself in the mainstream. The most recent title was released in 2005, but in May 2021 it was announced that a new Time Separators the title was headed for development.

2 little hell

This indie puzzle game is a product of developer Tomorrow Corporation, which has found success with mobile titles like World of Goo. little hell, a fireplace simulator, released in 2012 for Wii U, with later ports on PC, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. It combined sandbox elements with a narrative and setting that is uncovered as the game progresses.

Many publications had positive things to say about the memorable gameplay and story of little hell. Other sites, such as IGN, criticized its vagueness and occasional simplicity. However, the title is perfect for fans of Tim Burton macabre stories and video games that allow freedom. It certainly has the marks of a potential cult classic.

1 Monster Breeder

Video game fans love their monsters, from Pokemon at monster hunter at Final Fantasy. However, one series of this feather that failed to propagate was Monster Breeder, first released in 1997 on the original PlayStation. This game allows players to breed and raise monsters in order to fight in battle, which later sequels will be released for the PS2.

Monster Breeder have even gone far enough to market their franchise, with an anime series airing for two years and handheld spin-offs like Monster Breeder DS. The series hasn’t received a new installment since that title, although ports have been released on PC and Switch in recent years. Perhaps one day modern video game fans will rediscover the franchise.

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