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Video game mascots inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog

There have been countless video game mascots throughout the decades that gaming has existed as a medium. Apart mario, sonic the hedgehog might just be one of the most recognizable video game mascots in the entire industry, yes, even with the major flops that Sonic’s venerable franchise has seen. Due to Sonic’s popularity, many other developers hoped to create a memorable and iconic mascot for their games.

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Although there have been dozens and dozens of misfires over the past thirty years or so, it is clear that Sonic has inspired countless video game mascots, many of which are still recognized and loved, even though some of them haven’t had a major game release in recent years. The following video game mascots were most certainly inspired by the icon itself; Sonic the Hedgehog.

6 Crash Bandicoot – A Radical Dude

Easily one of the most recognizable mascots, Crash Bandicoot exudes that “radical” charm and vibe of the late 90s and early 2000s. Accident began life on PlayStation 1 with the release of the aptly named Crash Bandicoot. This quirky, gnarly, cartoon-like character took the Sonic attitude but played it in top-notch 3D platforming gameplay.

Accident has participated in many games since that first outing, the most recent examples being Crash Bandicoot 4 and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Whereas Crash design and ambience went through some growing pains, looking at you Wrath of Cortexhe remains largely the lovable, radical dude that platformers have come to expect from his presence in the gaming landscape.

5 Spyro the Dragon – Purple Dragon Power

A little like Crash Bandicootthe purple platform dragon, spyro also started life on the PlayStation 1 with its first foray into the platform, specifically the 3D platform. which immediately makes spyro so charming to many fans is that he comes across as confident yet humble, brash yet playful, and generous to a T. spyro is the epitome of the perfect recognizable and memorable gaming mascot.

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spyro has had some truly standout games, the most recent example being the completely redone game Spyro revived the trilogy, a complete remake of the first three games. Even twenty years later, these games still emerge as top-tier products, primarily due to the way in which spyro moves through environments and interacts with other characters.

4 Ty the Tasmanian Tiger – Ready for Action

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a fun and quirky 3D platformer series that has spawned numerous HD sequels and remasters. Ty was first introduced to the mascot-themed platforming space in the early 2000s, with its primary release being on the original Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and PlayStation 2. Ty’s adventures take him through a fictional Australian island paradise where he must jump, hop, jump and boomerang to claim victory.

Ty’s attitude and personality are quite different from those of Sonic, however, it still manages to have the same “chill” vibe. His Australian accent was immediately unique and helped him stand out from the likes of Sonic, Crash or Spyro. Although it didn’t achieve the fame of its aforementioned counterparts, its games still charmed an audience of loyal boomerang fans.

3 Lucky From Super Lucky’s Tale – Adorable and Brave

OK, Fortunate of Super Lucky’s Story and New Super Lucky Tale might just be one of the most charming, lovable, and optimistic mascots in all of gaming. This underrated mascot exudes playfulness, positivity, and bravery. Fortunate was originally brought to the limelight on the Xbox One, but eventually released to all console platforms as New Super Lucky Talea 3D action-adventure platformer that combined excellent level design with a host of creative character movements.

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Fortunate is just one of those mascots that puts a smile on players’ faces, mostly because his platforming adventures see him staying strong in the face of any adversity, always ready to help his friends and family, and doing so with charm and ease . Plus, being able to dig around scenes like Fortunate is one of the highlights of its mascot-centric games.

2 Croc from the Croc series – Filled with an adventurous spirit

crocodile is a charming, cartoon-like crocodile that has always, and sadly, swum under the radar of many mascot fans. Legend of the Gobbos has been crocodile first foray into the world of video games. This PlayStation 1, Dreamcast and PC platformer was released in the late 90s at a time when the likes of Sonic, Crash and Spyro continued to gain notoriety.

crocodile has always trailed the pack, which is unfortunate given that his games are quite fun and his personality exudes courage, kindness and, of course, showcases a radical side that has somewhat kept him in mascot speech. Play one of the first crocodile games was like sitting down and watching a Saturday morning cartoon. There was going to be adventure, fun, and hilarity along the way.

1 Bubsy The Bobcat – A Misunderstood Mascot

Poor Bubsy the Bobcat; he never managed to find the front of the stage as he had done a little in the early 90s on the Sega Genesis. Buby was a character who really wanted to soak up any fame that Sonic was winning from his super-fast 2d platformer games. Whereas At Bubsy’s early games on the Genesis garnered praise, eventually being compared to Sonic on every street corner.

Buby, is, of course, a bobcat. It almost felt like a carbon copy of Sonic in terms of attitude and mood. For those who have never played Sonic game (for some reason), Buby provided an enjoyable, if janky, 2D platforming experience. Unfortunately, it was the abyssal 3D incarnation of Buby from the PlayStation 1 that really put the nail in the coffin for this divisive mascot.

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