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Video game services in 36% of broadband homes in the United States

The new report, “Quantified Consumer: Next Generation Games: Consoles and the Cloud and the Evolution of Gaming: The State of Cloud Gaming” examines industry developments, consumer interest and demand for online gaming services. cloud, as well as business models and implementation strategies among key services. “While nearly two-thirds of households are not yet engaged in gaming services, cloud gaming may become a staple of subscription entertainment options available to consumers,” said Paul Erickson, senior analyst at Parks Associates. “Netflix’s recent entry into the industry is bringing more attention and awareness to online subscription games and expanding the potential consumer base for these services, especially as they will provide free access to online subscription games. games to their subscribers. “

Research also reports that 91% of console gamers play games on at least one other platform, 37% of which play on a PC, mobile device, and connected TV device (either a smart TV or media player). continuously) in addition to their console.

At the same time, the growing popularity of online gaming is having a ripple effect across the connected home ecosystem, leading to broadband upgrades, improvements in home network management and Wi-Fi. , and more subscriptions, the report notes.

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented numbers of people spending record time at home, consuming multiple streaming entertainment subscriptions across multiple devices. “Console owners who also play on a mobile device and PC or who play on all categories of platforms constitute half of all console gamers. Simply put, console gamers are cross-platform gamers, ”Erickson said. “Subscription and cloud gaming services require a multiplatform approach so that providers can attract both dedicated gamers and the remaining market of casual or convenience gamers. “

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  • Title: Video Game Services in 36% of Broadband Households in the United States
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