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Video game streaming service Twitch targeted by massive data leak

Video game streaming service Twitch was the target of a massive data breach on Wednesday, with an unidentified hacker leaking 125 gigabytes of data, including source code and user payments, to the online imageboard 4Chan, according to PC Gamer.

The website added that it was not clear at the time whether user data was exposed, but the post from hacker 4Chan claimed the leak included code from mobile, desktop and console clients. from Twitch, as well as proprietary software development kits (SDKs), creator content payments, and information regarding an unannounced competitor to the PC gaming platform Steam.

The lobby for Twitch Interactive Inc, an Amazon-owned social video platform and gaming community, can be seen in San Francisco, Calif. (Credit: ELIJAH NEWS / REUTERS)

Twitch confirmed the data breach on Twitter on Wednesday.

The leak “opens a gigantic door for criminals to find loopholes in the system, create malware and potentially steal sensitive information,” said Ekram Ahmed, spokesperson for cybersecurity firm Check Point. The New York Times.

According to the same report, the information regarding the income of content creators could not be verified, but it indicated that some users have been paid millions of dollars since 2019.