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Viral Hit Vampire Survivors launches on PC Game Pass

Viral Success vampire survivors has reached the full version and is launching on PC Game Pass. The roguelike shoot ’em up originally launched in early access on December 17, 2021. Within a month it had climbed into the top 10 games on Twitch, and a year later lead developer Luca Galante was able to start to work on vampire survivors full time. This allowed Galante to ship a 1.0 version of vampire survivors as expected, full of new content but still at an incredibly generous price for those without a PC Game Pass.


vampire survivors is one of the latest examples of how video game streaming can not only make a game wildly successful overnight, but also drive its genre to develop and innovate rapidly. In January 2022, his viewership on Twitch peaked at 140,000 concurrent viewers. This success continued through June, but faded as games built on vampire survivors‘ hits were released. 20 minutes until dawn, brotatoand Rogue: Genesia are just a few examples of titles inspired by vampire survivors.

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Now there is a excellent reason to return to vampire survivors, and it’s not just because it’s available on PC Game Pass for the first time. Galante chose to make much of the new content a surprise, so this article won’t spoil it. The new non-spoiler content includes a new event stage, a new weapon, skins for five characters, four achievements (plus fixes for three existing achievements), support for eleven new languages, a new “Side B” soundtrack and new game modes.

What could be vampire survivorsThe key to another wave of success is its new Twitch mode. With Twitch mode, streamers will be able to interact with their audience while playing. All level decisions will be made by Tic chat, and regular events will be triggered based on Twitch chat choices. This is an interesting opportunity to add variety and difficulty to a Twitch streamer vampire survivors short.

It’s not the end of vampire survivors‘ New content, That is. Galante explains in a letter to their community that they will only have to vampire survivors “once I – or you – get sick of it.” The only hint that Galante is willing to offer is that some “all-new features” are currently in the works. Additionally, Galante and his team could also be working on a new game.

In addition to vampire survivors‘ new content, it will also be available to a whole new audience. vampire survivors can be played as part of PC game pass subscription service starting today. It can still be purchased through Steam for just $4.99 (reduced to $3.99 until October 27). For those interested in trying out the popular new survival shoot’em up genre, vampire survivors‘ The launch of version 1.0 has made it more accessible than ever.

vampire survivors is now available on PC.

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