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Visual Marvel, NORCO, Launches Today for Steam and PC Game Pass

Geography of Robots developer and independent publisher Raw Fury have released their genre-defining narrative experience, NORCOtoday.

For those looking for a video game with lots of substance and style, you’ll want to check out NORCO, the first-ever Tribeca Games Award winner. This work of art seeks to blend the boundaries between video games and art by creating a deeply personal and unique gaming experience. According to the developer’s site, NORCO is “a tribute to the strip malls and swamps of suburban Louisiana disguised as a sci-fi adventure and rooted in years of research/exploration”.

Image Credit – Robot Geography

You can check out the game’s launch trailer here.

What is NORCO?

NORCO is a point-and-click narrative adventure game set in a warped and twisted version of southern Louisiana. You must search for your missing brother after your mother died. You’ll traverse squalid streets, malls and sewers with the help of a fugitive android while unraveling a mystery much deeper than you think. Here’s what you can expect if you take NORCO today:

  • Immerse yourself in a gripping mystery that draws on true stories and gothic fiction
  • Meet a cast of nuanced characters from all walks of life
  • Immerse yourself in beautiful pixel-art aesthetics
  • Listen to the phenomenal atmospheric score of the game while you explore

Release date and price

NORCO came out today for To smoke and PC Game Pass. If you want to grab it from Steam, it’ll cost you £11.39. You can also take advantage of the current 15% until March 31. For those who want to try before they buy, you can play the entire first act of the game for free via the game’s Steam store page. Those with PC Game Pass can of course download the game for free there.