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Warcraft Arclight Rumble turns Blizzard’s classic RTS into a mobile puzzle game

Blizzard has announced Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a mobile game it calls a “tower offense” strategy game that resembles popular games like Clash Royale. Arclight Rumble, which lets you collect characters from the Warcraft franchise and battle them on multiple levels, will be Blizzard’s third mobile game and will soon be available in beta. Unlike Diablo Immortal, the developer told me that they “have no plans” to bring Arclight Rumble to PC.

Arclight Rumble distills Warcraft’s real-time strategy format into something controllable with a single finger. Battles take place on a vertical map where you, governed by the gold you collect over the course of the level, send units into lanes to automatically engage enemies. There is no micromanagement here. It’s about knocking your heroes down, letting them waddle through the lanes, and trying to stick to the rock-paper-scissors rubric for flying, ground, and ranged characters.

Arclight Rumble features a single-player campaign in which players earn units, or “minis”, to compile into armies with specialized abilities. Undead units can feed on leftovers strewn across the battlefield, spiders can spit poison, and thieves can stun enemies.

In a build I played before the announcement, creating armies was like creating a simplified Hearthstone deck. You’re encouraged to build them around race or class themes to deal with level-specific complications. Over time, units can gain talents to help shape the types of abilities and buffs they can provide. Blizzard said there will be over 70 missions to complete, along with daily, weekly, and monthly challenge tiers to complete for additional rewards.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble will feature dungeons and raids much like multi-stage battles in Hearthstone. World of Warcraft players will recognize Onyxia from the trailer, and Blizzard said other recognizable raids, like Molten Core, will appear as well. You can also join a friend in co-op for these or battle them in PvP – which Blizzard told me isn’t quite the point of the game, but will potentially be expanded in the future.

In the version I played you could use real money to buy minis, experience for your minis and experience multipliers, but none of that seemed necessary to pass the levels of the countryside. It was pretty easy (and pretty quick) to go through quest missions to upgrade my armies and earn minis. This might become an issue as you get deeper into the game, but the monetization doesn’t seem too aggressive from what I’ve seen. It looks like Warcraft Arclight Rumble will take players through a variety of levels with tricks to solve – like a warship that periodically sends artillery strikes at your units – without putting up a brick wall that only money can. drill.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble will soon be in beta.