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Watch Lil Dicky and GaTa launch the PC Game Pass name change

Prior to last night’s Game Awards, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that offers a selection of ready-to-play titles, was best known for its console games. But it also has a large library of PC offerings under the name Xbox Game Pass for PC. In a humorous behind-the-scenes fake commercial starring FX series “Dave” Dave Burd, best known by his rapper character Lil Dicky, and fellow rapper GaTa, the service unveiled a “groundbreaking” new image for Xbox Game Pass for PC: PC game pass.

The spot, produced with the agency Trailer Park Group, shows Burd and GaTa meeting with agency executives trying to get them to appear in a rap video promoting the service. The actors / rappers seem mortified by the idea but then enter into a creative brainstorming with the team.

As the roundtable bemoans the lack of engagement for Xbox Game Pass‘s non-console offerings for PC, Burd, who in a previous life had been an account manager and writer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, suggests that GaTa disclose a list. upcoming PC titles for the service, which it does – onsite and IRL.

GaTa’s tweet announcing the additions to the library landed in real time during the Game Awards:

The conference room is getting tense, the idea was not approved by Microsoft. But the group continues to brainstorm, and the genius strikes.

“Why don’t you just call it PC Game Pass?” GaTa asks.

Despite Burd’s reluctance, the table went all-in on the name change. Next, GaTa suggests asking video game streamers to team up and build the credibility of the new name. The 100 Thieves playgroup is making waves from the background. Burd gets angry as the table falls for another idea that doesn’t come from him.

The agency team finally turns to him:

“Are we really going to do a Game Awards commercial and you’re not going to rap in it at all?” Asks a manager.

There is an awkward silence. “I mean, if I could get away with this,” Burd replies.

The spot ends by proclaiming he did it. His rap reads: “Game Pass has PC games and we are at TGA. I guess it’s kind of like saying the Game Awards. Dozens of PC Game Pass subscription codes scroll across the screen.

The spot was directed by Tony Yacenda of Smuggler, who is also a television director and directed episodes of “Dave”.

“The creative idea arose out of our real thinking about what we could do on stage at the Game Awards knowing that we wanted to state that Game Pass offers PC games,” said Geordie Larratt-Smith, vice president of games at Trailer Park Group. , in a report. “Dave was a natural partner, not least because he has a well-documented experience in an advertising agency. Sure, we thought of him rapping first, but then we were like, “What if we advertise for the Game Awards?” And we never looked back after that.

The ad will continue to run via paid social and online videos.