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Weekend PC game deals: another round of summer sales for everyone

Weekend PC Game Deals This is where the best gaming deals on the internet are gathered in one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax and hold on to your wallets.

The huge bunch of summer sales going on right now has put most of the new packs and other promotions on hold, but the Epic freebie train had no such thing. breaks. The specter retreat landed this week to replace Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo from the previous promotion.

The title arrives as a first-person puzzle game focused on solving color-coded challenges. It takes place in the seemingly art deco hotel The Penrose, but as you explore the many floors of the mysterious building, you will uncover its secrets.

The specter retreat The giveaway will end on July 8 and the replacement next week will again be a double giveaway, with Bridge Builder: The Walking Dead and Cast iron Free.

Big business

Artwork from the Steam Summer Sale 2021

The Steam Summer Sale is less than a week from closing for another year, and as promised, we have your next list of highlights below. If you think some of your favorites are missing, be sure to check out our specials focused on last weekend’s summer sales as well, as event selling prices have remained the same.

DRM-free goodness

With the end of its own summer sales, GOG has reverted to its regular weekly and weekend deals. Find the highlights of DRM-free games below:

Keep in mind that the availability and prices of some offers may vary by region.

That’s it for our pick of PC gaming deals this weekend, and I hope some of you are holding back enough that you don’t continue to add to your ever-growing backlog. As always, there is a huge amount of other offers ready and waiting on every website as well as services that you can already subscribe to if you browse through them, so keep your eyes peeled for these and have a good one. weekend.