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Weekend PC game deals: Quake sales and hordes of free events spice things up

Weekend PC Game Deals This is where the best gaming deals on the internet are gathered in one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax and hold on to your wallets.

We start with bundles. One of Humble’s latest game packs puts your strategic skills to the test, with the Big Brain Collection featuring exciting titles.

By choosing the cheapest level, you will get No time to relax and I’m not a monster: first contact for $ 1. To also obtain copies of 7 billion humans, 5D chess with multiverse time travel, and The battle of Polytopia, you will need to enter the average price, which is currently around $ 6.50.

As expected, the third and final level is where the biggest headlines are, with XCOM 2, its Reinforcement DLC pack, plus Combat technology being included for $ 9. The pack is expected to last until August 25.

Jackbox Party Group Games

Meanwhile, the Humble Jackbox Summer Party Bundle features a plethora of games aimed at expanding your board game collection, as the name would expect.

The $ 1 level gives you access to the first three volumes of You don’t know Jacques, then jump high to the $ 15 level adds Jack Box Party Pack 3 and 4. The third level, which costs $ 20, adds a lot more content, including Jack Box Party Pack and its sequel, Drawful 2, Quiplash, Fibbage XL, as well as five other You I don’t know Jacques packages.

Recently, Jack Box Party Pack 5 and 6 are available in the fourth level, and they’re yours for the average package price, which is just over $ 20 at the time of writing. This pack will end on August 27.

Epic Games Store offers Rebel Galaxy for free

Ending the double giveaway streak, the Epic Games Store has started offering Rebel galaxy this week as a return gift. If you’ve been following the store’s weekly promotions for a few years now, you should already have the title in your library of its original 2019 giveaway.

This space adventure game lets you explore, trade and fight your way through the galaxy. As well as including a story campaign, the western-themed title lets you explore the randomly generated universe at your leisure, being a trader, miner, bounty hunter, or pirate arriving among the options available.

The Rebel galaxy the giveaway will last until August 19, and coming as replacement giveaways are Void Bastards and Yooka-Laylee.

Free events

Frostpunk Back 4 Blood BF4 Weekend Free Event Games

Out of today’s selection of free events, you can either opt for one of the various shooters available or a dark city builder, depending on your taste, all available through Steam.

Turtle Rock is currently hosting its Back 4 Blood open beta, offering a preview of the co-op and PVP modes of the next zombie shooter before launch. Go forward, with a view to the 2042 launch, EA decided to organize a free event for Battlefield 4 this weekend, offering the full base game to try. Claim this Weapon Shortcut Pack for free before you jump in.

Also free-to-play this weekend is Payday 2, the cooperative robbery title that will have you breaking into, grabbing loot, and blasting your way through dozens of enemies in various situations. If you haven’t had enough of the Royal Battles, PUBG became free for a short time. Finally, celebrating the announcement of the sequel, the survival city building game Frostpunk also offers a free promotion on weekends.

Big business

With QuakeCon right around the corner, sales have materialized for almost every offer from Bethesda. The discounts will last most of August, and you’ll find a few of them in our list of highlights below. Note that we focused on the stores that provide Steam keys for these titles instead of Bethesda Launcher unlocks:

DRM-free goodness

Aside from the usual deals, sales of QuakeCon have also hit DRM-free corners, with the prices of classics being slashed everywhere. Do not forget the Syndicate Plus, Syndicate Wars, and Ultima Underworld I & II giveaways are also happening on GOG right now, which still have several weeks to promote.

Keep in mind that the availability and prices of some offers may vary by region.

That’s it for our pick of PC gaming deals this weekend, and I hope some of you are holding back enough that you don’t continue to add to your ever-growing backlog. As always, there is a huge amount of other offers ready and waiting on the interwebs as well as in the services that you can already subscribe to if you browse them, so keep your eyes peeled for these and have a great week. -end.

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