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Weekend PC gaming deals: Explore visual delights, horror giveaway and more

Weekend PC game deals is where the best game deals from all over the internet are brought together in one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax and keep your wallets.

Epic Games’ double giveaways don’t seem to be ending anytime soon, as horror and co-op couch fans are getting a treat this week. Copies of Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond are the last gifts available.

Developed by Frictional Games, Amnesia: Rebirth brought back even more of the studio’s standard atmospheric horror and monster-hunting elements, and once again following an amnesiac protagonist. Meanwhile, with 4-player co-op support comes riverbond, a voxel-based title involving destructible environments and lots of adventures. However, only couch co-op is supported.

The Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond giveaways will last until Thursday, April 28. Next up is another free double promotion containing Just die already and Paradigm.

Lot of humble visual delights

Humble produced his Visual Delight Pack yesterday, and honoring the name, he bears city ​​scraper in the base level at $1. Joining him in the second level is Labyrinth City: Peter the Labyrinth Detective and El Hijo – A Wild West Tale.

The remaining final level increases the number of games to seven, adding Toem of rubber bandits, and Space Crew: Legendary Edition in the heap. You have two whole weeks to make a decision on this bundle.

Humble X Universe Collection

It didn’t stop there for the bundles, as the space combat and trading sim series ‘X’ was also a target of Humble earlier in the week. Aptly nicknamed the X Universe Collectionit contains base games, expansion packs and many DLCs.

The first level begins with X: Beyond the Border, X: voltageand X2: The Threat for $1, which are joined by X3: Albion Prelude, X3: Terran Conflicthis X Rebirth plus its Teladi Outpost extension in the middle pay grade.

The third and final tier comes in at $18, and it touts a copy of X4: Foundations as good as X4: Split Vendetta expansion. If you missed it and own a virtual reality headset, last week Must-have VR pack is still going strong at Humble.

Free events

The Elder Scrolls Online Promo Image

This weekend, only one free event fills this space, and it’s a throwback promotion from last week for The Elder Scrolls Online. MMO Zenimax is keeping its free doors open until April 26, offering full access to the base game and Morrowind expansion content.

big business

Discounts celebrating PAX East, deals from Daedalic publishers and more populate this weekend’s big deals. Find our list of handpicked weekly highlights below:

DRM-free goodness

The DRM-free side of this weekend’s deals is filled with brawlers, co-op games and more:

Keep in mind that the availability and prices of certain offers may vary depending on the region you are in.

And that’s it for our pick of this weekend’s PC game deals for everyone, and hopefully some of you have enough self-restraint not to break the bank by adding new games to your ever-increasing arrears. Of course, there are a huge number of other offers ready and waiting if you scour the interwebs enough, so keep your eyes peeled for those and have a great weekend.

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