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What a new Dune video game might look like in 2021

With the new film by director Denis Villeneuve, Dune has returned to the cultural spirit of the times. Frank Herbert’s original novel is considered one of the masterpieces of science fiction, and it spawned five Dune video games – the last released two decades ago, in 2001. There is a ripe opportunity for a new Dune game, but what could we look like in 2021?

The story of Dune video game adaptations largely occupy the genre of real-time strategy. In fact, the years 1992 Dune II: building a dynasty had a great influence on the development of the genre. On the other hand, the years 2001 Frank Herbert’s Dune, which shares a title with the SYFY channel miniseries, attempted a third-person action game approach. This allowed players to control Paul Atreides, the novel’s main character, but was largely exhausted and was followed by developer Cryo’s bankruptcy.

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In 2019, Legendary Entertainment and Herbert Properties LLC announced that there were new Dune video games in development from Funcom, one of which would be a “Games as a service“title that takes after the company’s open-world multiplayer survival game, Exiled conan. Still, initial details suggest that several projects are in the works, and it’s unclear what forms they will take. The most obvious route would be another crysknife stab in the RTS genre. The novels center primarily on controlling the planet Arrakis, where the incredibly valuable mixing spice is harvested. DuneThe future of ‘s portrays a diverse and scattered humanity under the control of Emperor Padishah of the Known Universe, whose power is balanced by the noble houses of the Landsraad. The control of territory and resources, open warfare and subterfuge are all instruments of Dune universe, making the RTS genre a good choice, but the series’ lore runs deep enough to support other similar game types.

A new Dune video game could be a big strategy

Dune role-playing strategy

Survive in the Dune universe with a significant amount of power is a difficult task. There are so many forces at work, and everyone has plans in the plans – a hallmark of Herbert’s storytelling that has been well suited by the classic. Dune board game, which has recently made a comeback. The books address many aspects of managing a planetary stronghold, where insufficient management of political, economic, religious, military, or family responsibilities could lead to the destruction of a home. Dune is insanely and largely esoteric, so Grand Strategy is probably the only video game genre that could accurately capture the full extent of the series.

Stellaris is a good example of how great sci-fi strategy games can work, but elements of Crossed kings‘dynasty simulation could be incorporated to fit Dunepowerful families. The series ultimately tells the story of the aristocracy of the known universe, and the relationships between the houses of Landsraad are similar to those of the feudal nobles in real history.

This system could also allow a Dune The great strategy game retreats from the storyline of the novels, allowing players to navigate the political and militaristic aspects of the setting as the leader of one of the houses. Complete control of Arrakis, or even the seizure of the throne from Emperor Padishah, could be the end goal of the game. Outside of the Imperial Court and Houses of Landsraad, a grand strategy Dune the game could have an incredible number of intertwined factions, including CHOAM, the known universe’s governing body of commerce; the Space Guild, whose spice-addicted Navigators have a monopoly on interstellar travel; the Bene Gesserit, an organization that manipulates the lineages of the great houses and plants the seeds of various religious beliefs in order to influence populations across the galaxy; the Tleilaxu, who use Ghola clones and Face Dancers who change their physical attributes for espionage and assassination; and much more.

A new Dune video game could be a management simulator

As his politics drive his compelling narratives, nothing is more singularly important to Dunes universe than its spice, and control of its harvest and export could be a solid management simulation. Necessary for faster-than-light journeys, spices are used in large quantities by guild navigators to see the future, allowing them to guide space guild ships to avoid obstacles in folded space. . It is also used by the wealthy throughout the Imperium to extend life expectancy. The spice comes only from Arrakis, where it is harvested by separating it from the sand in the territory of the worms.

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The spice must flow, but that’s only part of the control Dunethe most important planet. The Known Universe is rarely, if ever, at peace, but setting aside its constantly warring forces could lead to a game of other resource management on Arrakis. For ordinary people around the world, water is just as important as the spice. In addition to building, operating, and maintaining machines for the production of spices, players could oversee the planet’s limited water harvest. Dew collectors and wind traps could be set up to collect it, and it could then be kindly distributed or amassed as a display of power. The ultimate goal of a Dune management simulation could fulfill Imperial planetologist Liet Kynes’ dream of turning Arrakis into a verdant paradise.

Dune could struggle in other genres of video games

Fortnite gets a dune crossing

These two genres would create new Dune video games due to the wide scope of the frame, but make a Dune Action-adventure play, for example, can be difficult due to the way combat and crossing over is handled in the series. Firearms have been made obsolete by personal shields that deflect fast moving objects, and the advanced melee combat that evolved into the place of firearms might be difficult to translate into gameplay. Something with an emphasis on crossing could potentially be done with the Rhythm Walk in the Fremen Desert, but there is little room for concrete goals in the Trackless Trash. A Microsoft Flight Simulator-like a game that allows players to fly ornithopters around Arrakis seems like a good time, but Dunes vehicles are rarely used for anything other than transportation and bombing. That leaves just a simple survival game as a clear choice, but it would likely ignore large swathes of the game. Dune universe, so it will be interesting to see how Funcom’s multiplayer title unfolds.

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