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What a Warcraft Mobile Game Could Look Like

Activision Blizzard has announced that it is planning substantial content for the Warcraft universe throughout 2022. This substantial content most likely includes 9.2 Eternity’s End, the ninth expansion for World of Warcraftand the long rumor Warcraft mobile game. There hasn’t been an official announcement on what the mobile game will look like, but Blizzard said the title is on the way.

When gamers hear that their favorite franchise may be getting a mobile game, it’s often met with a lot of skepticism and concern from fans. Activision Blizzard is no stranger to this concern after the announcement of Diablo: Immortal, a revelation that was mocked online. Mobile game ads often make gamers worry that the brand is tarnished, the focus is on the mobile title, and the brand only exists to make money. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, as a Warcraft mobile game could be a fun experience for fans of the franchise.


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Warcraft Mobile could be a standalone experience like Diablo: Immortal


Diablo: Immortal was announced in 2018, and it didn’t go over very well. It was written as the next great Diablo title, but fans should whip out their mobile devices to check it out. Fans were not happy, as they eagerly awaited the announcement of Diablo 4 – which was announced a year later – and heralding the next big Diablo was a mobile game that felt like an insult to the brand. Since then, more gameplay has been revealed, more story elements have been mentioned, and the next mainline PC entry has been announced, so fans have lessened their anger towards Diablo: Immortal.

Diablo: Immortal is defined as a self-contained title set between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. A Warcraft mobile game could follow this path and place itself between two titles in the Warcraft scenario. It could bridge the gap between Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft, filling in the story between expansions, or it could be used to set up the next expansion. It could also be an entirely new experience following all-new characters disconnected from the overall story of Warcraft.

Warcraft Mobile could be an extension of the WoW Companion app

wow shadowlands companion app

Warcraft has already dipped its toes into the mobile market with the wow Companion app. The companion app allows players to manage their mission boards, champions, and view maps from Warlords of Draenor for Shadowland. It also allows them to check out their guild and keep up to date with current events in the game. It’s a fairly simple app that allows players to take a quick look at their characters and play with the tables missions, which have often been compared to mobile titles and Facebook games.

One of the simplest things Activision Blizzard can do is extend the framework set by the companion app, adding the ability to manage character inventories and their banks so they don’t have to connect to move objects. Players could be allowed access to the Auction House so they can have bidding wars while lying in bed. Even adding the ability to play minigames to leverage resources from current and past expansions would be a solid feature. Making the companion app more useful would go a long way in getting people to install it.

Warcraft Mobile could be a port of a Warcraft game

warcraft 3 reforged
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The other form than one Warcraft mobile game can take is a complete port of a previous game in the franchise. Blizzard worn Foyer on mobile, and it was the exact same game that PC gamers could play. The same can work for a Warcraft title, but it could also be very difficult.

World of Warcraft requires too many different button clicks and hotkeys to be viable on a phone screen, but one of the past Warcraft RTS can be perfect for a phone. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness received little love from Blizzard, they’re not even purchasable through, so a port of these to mobile may also be unlikely but would likely be shocked by the fan base. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos is the most beloved of the RTS titles, and launching it on mobile would also allow Blizzard to relaunch Warcraft 3: Reforgedwhich received very negative reviews upon its launch.

A Warcraft The mobile game could take all sorts of forms, and until Blizzard officially announces it, fans will just have to speculate what it will look like. Fans also have 9.2 and a brand new expansion to look forward to, so a Warcraft mobile play is just an added bonus.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC

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