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What Makes The Netflix Show One Of The Best Video Game Adaptations

Since 2009, passionate PC gamers have immersed themselves in the world of the hit free online multiplayer game, League of Legends. The critically acclaimed, BAFTA-winning video game spawned new adventures in gaming, eventually branching into the worlds of music, Marvel Comics and the hit TV series, Esoteric.

The show’s story arc follows two estranged sisters, Vi and Powder, as they find their own ways to fight for survival in the slums beneath the gleaming city of Piltover, where the rift between the ruling class grows. neglect and the neglected poor who live. for fear of the bosses of crime, starvation and addiction. Vi and Powder struggle desperately to reconnect as Piltover’s political situation turns dire.


Unlike past video game adaptations which have failed and often disappoint fans, the 2021 Netflix show has achieved both significant viewership and rave reviews. The show’s mass appeal extends beyond League of Legends players and is greatly appreciated by those with no prior knowledge of the original story. Esoteric is currently ranked 24th on IMDB’s list of Top 250 TV Shows, and as of November 2021, it was briefly the most-streamed show on Netflix.

Arcane has totally changed expectations and raised the standards for video game adaptations and, according to its staggering viewership data, TV shows in general. The show captivated a wide audience with compelling writing, an engaging and intense narrative, and its striking art style. Among other video game adaptations, the data reveals that Esoteric is simply incomparable.

Heroes (and villains) to cheer on

Jinx holding a weapon in Arcane.

Video game adaptations often disappoint fans because the video games themselves feature already fully developed worlds, themes, and characters. Adaptations risk simply reproducing the content. They also sometimes deviate from the game’s key plot components or even introduce contradictory elements rather than building on what’s already there. As a result, adaptations most often fall short of fan standards.

Not only do film and television adaptations need to be faithful to the original, but they also need to feature something new and exciting, in order to captivate audiences. In this direction, Esoteric far exceeds expectations. The show’s creators bring the town of Piltover to life, further developing the characters that already exist in the League of Legends universe, giving them a dimension and a goal to achieve.

The protagonist, Vi, is tired of struggling to survive; she wants to expose the Council’s corruption and bring to their attention the horrific conditions plaguing the Zaun slums. Meanwhile, Vi experiences an internal moral struggle. She had to do bad things to survive she doesn’t want to feel pressured to fight or steal, so she’s determined to do something about it.

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Throughout this difficult ordeal, she goes to great lengths to reconnect with her troubled sister, who has descended into madness and chaos; however, Vi refuses to give up the only member of her family she has left and the sister she cannot live without. Despite the wrongs her circumstances have forced her to commit, Vi remains a likeable, strong, and level-headed character. She is also well-liked by LGBTQ+ fans, who are happy to see the portrayal of a muscular female protagonist who expresses an attraction towards other women, which has also made She-Ra and the Princesses of Power not the average animated show. Esoteric managed to produce a thoughtful portrayal of Vi’s character.

Powder, now known as Jinx (Ella Purnell), is also a complex and compelling character. Having accidentally caused the deaths of her sister and her childhood teammates, Powder is traumatized. Reasonably upset, Vi leaves her younger sister alone momentarily, but she takes too long to return. Silco, the evil crime lord of Zaun, takes her in and corrupts her, manipulating her into believing that her sister has abandoned her.

Despite her age at the time and her apparent struggle with symptoms of psychosis, Jinx desperately battles a tendency towards unhinged behavior. She tries very hard to destroy her own way of thinking, considering the possibility that Vi really wants to reconnect with her. Although she committed atrocities under Silco’s “care”, she can’t really be blamed for her unfortunate outcome. His story is tragic and the Esoteric The creators make sure audiences connect with her moments of vulnerability, giving them hope for Jinx’s future and perhaps closure on being reunited with Vi.

Arcane’s unparalleled design

Jinx fires a flare into Arcane.

Yet another element of Esoteric what sets it apart is its vibrant and original artistic design. The art style and design choices are striking yet unique; the added cartoon characters, scenery and effects are expertly designed. The character design and clothing style are not only appealing to the viewer, they also reflect the personality of the characters. Artistic decisions are full of intention. For example, Vi has strong, arched eyebrows, a face tattoo, muscular arms, and bright red hair. You know she’s tough before she even opens her mouth or swings her fists. Esoteric has adapted League of Legendsexisting features of and highlighted them in all the best ways.

The frame is also phenomenally designed. There is a stark contrast between the impoverished Zaun and Piltover, highlighting the disparity and inequality of wealth. Zaun is dark and grimy, teeming with unsavory characters and giving off noxious fumes. Piltover, meanwhile, smacks of obscene wealth; it is bright and the structures are clean and grand. It’s exciting to see such a well-developed steam punk world.

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Another unique aspect of the series’ design are the effects in the action sequences and the little sketches that appear when Jinx suffers a mental slip. The action choreography is impressive, but the fluid and colorful effects really show off Esotericthe roots of video games. They are almost a signature, unique to Esoteric. They’re reminiscent of comic book interjections and onomatopoeia common in anime and action movies, but the style and usage is clever and quirky.

In the first episode of the series, Powder tinkers with his dysfunctional inventions. She finalizes them with a small characteristic caricatural sketch. These sketches (often skulls or portraits of sharp little figures) then follow her into her late teens and appear every time she has an episode so viewers can truly experience her thoughts and emotions with her. . They are menacing, mocking her as they vibrate on the screen around her head. As Jinx, her inventions (powerful bombs that actually work) retain her original signature, but now it represents something sinister; it’s no longer a playful, childish addition. This attention to detail elevates the overall viewing experience.

What’s next for Arcane?

Vi with her raised mechanical fists in Arcane.

The first season ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving anxious fans to speculate on the likely disastrous outcome. Fans are hoping season two picks up where the finale left off. Although it seems impossible considering how the first season ended, fans are still hoping that Vi and Jinx will reconcile. Fans are also looking forward to seeing Vi and Caitlyn’s young relationship develop further. There’s so much to look forward to, which is yet another reason why Esoteric is among the best shows to watch on Netflix overall.

According to Forbes, Esoteric has the highest Rotten Tomatoes rating of any Netflix Original. Its accomplishments as a video game adaptation are unparalleled. The wildly successful series was renewed for a much-anticipated second season on the day the season one finale was released. There is still no fixed date for season two, but its release will no doubt be a big day for Netflix’s analytics team and enthusiastic fans alike.

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