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North America’s largest anime convention, Anime Expo, has opened its doors to visitors after two years of online-only events. Several video game developers and publishers took the opportunity to present more information about upcoming releases during the in-person celebration of Japanese pop culture. Spike Chunsoft, in particular, showed off three games slated for release over the next twelve months. In one of the announcements, the Japanese publisher revealed more details regarding the video game adaptation of Made in the Abyssletting fans know what to expect from the title when it launches on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on September 2.

Announced over a year ago, Made in Abyss: A Binary Star Falling into Darkness thrilled fans of the popular manga and anime series with the prospect of reliving the daunting adventure first-hand. The upcoming 3D action RPG will feature two game modes to appeal to a wider audience, as well as those who haven’t had the chance to explore the series’ content before. With the second season of the anime underway, fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to this summer.

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Restoration to seasoned Made in the Abyss enthusiasts, the HELLO ABYSS mode follows the story of the anime’s two protagonists, Riko and Reg. By taking control of Riko, players can familiarize themselves with the general gameplay and story progression by watching the events of the anime unfold in real time. With trusty android sidekick Reg by their side and cutscenes fully voiced by the anime’s original cast, exploring the depths of the Abyss will come almost naturally.

The DEEP IN ABYSS mode retains the original premise, expanding on the idea with an all-new story overseen by series creator Akihito Tsukushi. Players step into the shoes of a never-before-seen character who has joined the Belchero Orphanage as a rookie Cave Rider, allowing them to take on the game’s challenges one step at a time. Along with a partially customizable appearance for the new protagonist, players can also enjoy a slow and steady rank increase over time, allowing them to descend further into the bottomless pit known as the Abyss.

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At the heart of the DEEP IN ABYSS single-player campaign is the city of Orth, a hub where aspiring Cave Raiders accept missions and prepare for the adventure ahead. Initial quests are primarily distributed through the Belchero Orphanage, but more missions will become available at Guild Headquarters as players’ whistle rank increases. From shops specializing in raid essentials and edibles to those dealing with relic appraisals and experience distribution, there is no shortage of facilities that will meet the needs of Raiders.

Since the story advances through quests that encourage continued exploration of the Abyss, new Cave Raiders have three attributes, the status of which can make or break their raid attempts. With each action taken, the Raiders’ fullness and stamina depletes, prompting them to take a break or consume food to satisfy their hunger. While physical strength limits their ability to complete tasks and take on powerful enemies residing in the Abyss, the durability of tools and the weight of supplies will force Raiders to strategize on the move, acquiring items locally through craftsmanship.

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Another key concept from the original story that appears in the DEEP IN ABYSS mode is the so-called Curse of the Abyss, characterized by increasing physical and mental ailments. The deeper players descend into the Abyss, the harder it is to deal with the consequences of the curse when they return. Besides a significant decrease in satiety which can be followed by vomiting or blood loss, the constantly changing terrain and aggressive creatures will further hinder players returning to the surface, forcing them to find alternate routes more often than not. ‘other.

Generally, Made in Abyss: A Binary Star Falling into Darkness looks like a promising entry that will capture the essence of the series. Having different game modes is a refreshing addition that few previous Spike Chunsoft titles can boast of. It remains to be seen how this two-in-one gameplay delivery pans out in practice, but judging by the publisher’s rich history of success with franchises like Danganronpa and Steins;Door, Made in the Abyss seems to have a bright future.