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Why is KFC releasing a video game console? – Daily Movie

Recognized internationally for the image of Colonel Harland Sanders and his “original recipe”, Kentucky Fried Chicken may have just focused on a new industry. The fast food chain recently announced that it will unveil a game console called KFConsole. Many on social media thought KFC was joking. Surprisingly, they are not.

Not only has KFC entered the controversial new gaming tech market, but one special feature of its console could make it a cut above the rest. The KFConsole is configured to include a chicken warming chamber that players can use between playing and snacking. It’s a real dream come true for video game and chicken lovers around the world.

People are puzzled as to why the world’s second most popular fast food chain would choose to enter the console war. The bigger question is will it actually work?

The surprise announcement

While KFC’s unexpected business decision received more publicity this year, the restaurant console was initially shown in June 2020. Twitter users believed the KFConsole was just the leading restaurant chain. satirizing the announcement of the PlayStation 5.

KFC’s Twitter account posted a video of their new console, designed to look like one of their signature buckets. Not only does the KFConsole have a compartment to keep your poultry crispy, it’s supposed to be cross-platform compatible. While there might not be many units available for purchase, the KFConsole is still convincing.

Attributes of KFConsole

In addition to its ability to play games on different platforms and a built-in chicken heater, the KFC gaming device has other notable features. The KFConsole comes with a Cooler Master NC100 chassis and an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor inside an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme compute element. It also has two Seagate CarraCuda 1TB PCIe NVMEe SSDs.

KFC’s latest product is also VR and Ray-Tracing ready in addition to getting up to 240 fps and 4K fps. However, not all that high end makes the KFConsole a real console. The restaurant chain’s device is technically a custom PC, but its specifications rival those of the latest consoles released by PlayStation and Xbox.

Who is developing the KFConsole?

KFC decides to stick with making chicken instead of developing its new game console. Kentucky Fried Chicken brought in Cooler Master to develop the KFConsole. Manufacturer of custom PCs and computer accessories, Cooler Master will ensure that the KFC gaming device is top quality.

The Swedish modder “Timeplay” is in charge of the look of the KFConsole. Still, with all the fancy PC customizations, the end product certainly won’t be as cheap as a chicken sandwich. Gaming experts theorize that since the KFConsole will have a limited version and top-tier hardware, it could cost anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

KFC enters the console war

Big companies like Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation are vying for all the liquidity in the passionate video game console market. Maybe KFC’s entry into the mix will deliver something to consumers who crave something a little different.

In an official statement from Mark Cheevers, head of public relations and social media at KFC UK & Ireland, the company seems excited to venture into the world of video games. Cheevers said KFC knows that “console warfare is vicious, but we are very confident in the KFConsole as the flagship entry.”

Cooler Master seems more than ready to help the fast food chain on this journey. Stephen James, Global Head of Public Relations and Influencers at Cooler Master, said, “KFConsole was tailor-made for the leading gamer. The last thing we want is for anyone to be hungry while playing!

Despite all the hype surrounding the KFConsole, it will be interesting to see when the company plans to officially make the product available to consumers. Just make sure you don’t get any chicken fat on your controller. What do you think of the KFC game console? Let us know in the comments!

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