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World of Warcraft mobile game to be unveiled in May

Blizzard unveils its timeline for Warcraft releases, revealing when fans can expect to see what the World of Warcraft mobile game will look like.


World of Warcraft and Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard has been looking to get back on its feet in recent months. After the COVID pandemic rocked the gaming industry and harassment allegations that resulted in a lawsuit against the company, she now hopes to rebuild a relationship between herself, her employees, and her fans. After what many have described as a quiet 2021, especially where Warcraft content was concerned, Blizzard is now unveiling a roadmap for the future of the franchise.


Blizzard chief Mike Ybarra recently revealed that there will be new additions coming to the Warcraft franchise. While many thought it would include extensions for World of Warcraft and Foyersomething Ybarra alluded to that surprised many was the development of a Warcraft mobile game. Considering Blizzard’s previous attempt at a mobile title, Diablo: Immortal was not well received by fans of the franchise, many immediately became concerned at the thought of a Warcraft mobile game.

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Soon fans will be able to see for themselves just how Warcraft mobile title will look like among Blizzard’s roadmap for Warcraft versions, there is a reveal date for the upcoming mobile title. So far, May 2022 is the only known date for the reveal of Warcraft mobile. Other revelations to come, like the next World of Warcraft and Foyer extensions are scheduled for April 19 and March 15 respectively. The following World of Warcraft the expansion is highly anticipated by fans, as the “Shadowlands” expansion draws to a close.

the Warcraft The mobile game is currently shrouded in mystery with almost no details being released about the game. Some believe it could be an expansion of the already existing system World of Warcraft companion app, while others think it could be a mobile port of an existing app Warcraft Title. Given the poor reception of Warcraft 3 remaster, this may be an opportunity for Blizzard to fix past mistakes.

It seems unlikely that fans will get a World of Warcraft mobile port, as the game requires too many buttons to be played viably on a mobile device. However, only time will tell what Warcraft the mobile experience will look like. Even with Blizzard’s reputation for poorly received mobile titles, it seems fans are eagerly waiting to see what the company has to offer this time around. There is also the Foyer and World of Warcraft extensions to keep fans waiting until the mobile game is unveiled in May.

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