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Worthplaying | ‘How To Say Goodbye’ is a narrative puzzle game coming to PC in 2022

How to Say Goodbye tells the story of a character recently transformed into a ghost, lost in an unknown world populated by spirits.

In this storytelling puzzle game, move the set and characters to guide the characters out of the liminal space between life and death in which they are trapped. Help them find their friends trapped in a mysterious wizard and accompany them on their journey to the other side.

The goal of each level of How to Say Goodbye is to guide your group of ghosts towards the exit, symbolized by a door. To do this, move the decor on a grid and head for the door. But the dark forces seem to be holding you back against your will. The lost spirits called spleen will try to stop you from escaping liminal space by blocking the path to the door.

But a mysterious wizard is determined to prevent them from advancing …

Inspired by the golden age of children’s literature and illustrated books (such as The Moomins by Tove Jansson, The little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Where the wild things Are by Maurice Sendak), How to say goodbye deals with mourning theme with kindness and sensitivity.

Still shocked by their recent passing, the ghosts of How to say goodbye do their best to get out of the limbo they are trapped in. Together they will have to find out how to grieve in order to accept their own death, and “move on”.

How to say goodbye arrives on PC (To smoke) in 2022.

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