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Yuji Naka created a mobile game all by himself and asks you to play it

Back in September sonic the hedgehog Co-creator Yuji Naka has announced plans to start over as a game developer and create a simple mobile game with the Unity engine. This followed his departure from Square Enix after the failure of his, uh, unique platformer, Balan Wonderworld. And today, Yuji Naka announced that his “hyper-casual” mobile game is now available to play for free on Android and iOS, called SHOT2048. Naka explained that it’s the first game in 37 years that he’s created entirely by himself, and he’s asking you to play it. He looks pretty proud of himself! (He notes that the ranking does not work on android right now though.)

I just gave SHOT2048 a, uh, bang, and that’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s the hit mobile game 2048, but you shoot dice-like objects off the end of a board and try to match numbers while shooting them. Yuji Naka has indeed created a hyper casual mobile game. Here is the full description of SHOT2048which contains only a little English:

The goal is to shoot the same number to make 2048, but aim for more.

Tap to move the number left or right, and release your finger to trigger the number.

If you hit the same number, they will be combined and the numbers will be added.

The game is over when the numbers stop in the red game area in the foreground.

Try this free mobile game (with ads) and make Yuji Naka happy. It’s a decent first effort.